Saturday, June 21, 2008

Eminent Domain and bad decisions

A music row landowner, Joy Ford, is fighting big business to keep her little piece of the pie near the Music Row roundabout, ya know where the big naked statue is that the right wing in the city became all flustered about a few years ago. Anyways I digress. So Joy's business, Country International Records, is the last holdout in a redevelopment by a Houston based developer and that developer is angrier than a baby throwing a temper tantrum. He wants the land, and she needs to sell, it's his darn it, or at least he feels that it should be his.

The fight is now playing out in a Nashville area courtroom, and could be disastrous for individual property owners if the courts rule against Joy Ford. This blog supports Joy Ford, and hopes this country doesn't become one in that the ruling elite can take anything they want, and we are simply taking care of it till they want it.

Just for's MUSICA!

Musica statue on Music Row

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