Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ode to Budget Cuts...

In a time of rising gas prices, the Metro Council has proposed cutting bus routes throughout Nashville. Thank you so much Nashville for once again cutting an agency that we need more and more as gas prices climb higher and higher.

This must be the way we as a society deals with tough times, by cutting what we actually need. They will also raise fares for the MTA bus system. It will now cost 4.80 for an all day pass, as well as 1.60 for a single ticket. Insanity my dears, Insanity.

They will also cut the following routes completely.

1 Vine Hill
31X Harpeth Valley Express
13 Sylvan Park
37X Tusculum/McMurray Express
16 Madison/Old Hickory
45X Oak Hill Express
30 McFerrin
Night Owl service


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