Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday Morning Updates

Sorry guys I haven't been on as much lately, but I am in the process of moving so updates may be sporadic for another week or so. Expect July to be heavy with updates because I will be in my new home at that point.

Supreme Court ruled this morning in a 5-4 decision that Washington D.C's blanket handgun ban is unconstitutional. With the replacement of O'Connor replaced with the much more conservative Justice Alito expect more and more conservative decisions to be forthcoming now that the only moderate vote on the bench is Justice Kennedy. This is yet another reason why we can not sacrifice another 4 years to Bush light, and must elect a progressive candidate like Sen. Obama to the highest office in the U.S. We can not allow McCain to replace Ginsberg or one of the other 3 liberal justices.

The Music City star is in financial crisis and will not have the money to operate after October. This is not good news for those who desire mass transit in the city of Nashville. As much as I DO NOT like the choice for the original line, I hope that we can keep it afloat in order to bring light rail to Nashville. Honestly Nashville, does gas have to hit 9 dollars a gallon before you'll take a bus?

A recent Rasmussen poll in Tennessee shows that McCain's lead has been split in half from 30 pts to 15 pts. Is a wave election coming...oh wonderful wave please take Marsha Blackburn out with you!


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A.D. [D-TN] said...

Doesn't Marsh Blackburn have other things to be worried about as well :p

That's awesome about the poll, Obama can do it. People who would have just said forget about him in the past are at least taking a look at him.

As for the mass transit, ugh. Yeah I assume you're right, but then there isn't an awareness or campaign about the benefits of mass transit hardly anywhere in the South, so that is one thing that has to do with it. Maybe one of these days...