Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cutting the vote in half just like a Florida Orange


is waiting for the vote!

On the measure to restore full voting rights to Florida...


Measure Fails...

Denver is not going to be a nice place come August...if Nancy Pelosi, Barrack Obama, Howard Dean, or the DNC thinks they can reunite this party, I think they may be sadly mistaken.

On the measure to restore full delegation, each member of the delegation receiving half a vote...

0- Against

Floridians are only half citizens!

So Michigan Results....

"Was the process flawed, you bet your ass it was flawed...I don't think one election was pass the test that was laid down here."

-Harold Ickes on restoring Michigan's votes

Hillary Clinton has reserved her right to take this to the credentials committee so saith Harold Ickes...See you in Denver DNC!!!!

Michigan will be restored with each delegate receiving half a vote.

This is not going to work y'all.


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