Tuesday, May 13, 2008

West Virginia, Mississippi Oh My

So I currently have 36 minutes until polls close in West Virginia. This is a bellwether state, whether or not the Obama Camp would like to admit it. If Obama does get the nomination, he has quite a bit of explaining to do to bring Hillary's voters back to his camp. As a feminist, I cannot stand the sexist remarks across the board from the Obama supporters as well as from MSNBC.

I did not want to jump into the Presidential Election unless it directly effected Tennessee politics, but in a way it does. If West Virginia goes to Clinton(most people believe it will), and then next week Kentucky goes to Clinton then you have the entire mid south going to Clinton, and that includes Tennessee. The states of Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, and West Virginia have supported George W. for the past 8 years, but they were strong Clinton territory in 92 and 96.

Are the Democrats going to continue to sacrifice the moderate Midsouth area, or will they finally nominate a candidate that can win! I am certainly happy that Obama can bring back Colorado and some Western States, but if he can't win the Mid South, Florida, Michigan, etc...

Mississippi is also holding a special election tonight that could give Democrats a seat that the Republicans have held for decades. If they win, they really need to decide who has the best chance of carrying these down ticket races to victory in November.


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Mix said...

AP has called the MS race for Childers, he's doing better than what he did on the first special election.