Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Only 6%...guess it's better than 15%

So the verdict is in from the UT College System, one of the two state school systems in Tennessee, and they will be holding to a 6% tuition increase. This is good news for UT students that thought they may be looking at a double digit increase. The announcement from TBR will be coming next week, although they have now stated they will be below double digits. Hopefully they will follow UT and stay at 6%. The TBR decision will effect quite a few more students, being that it encompasses MTSU, ETSU, University of Memphis, TSU, the states community colleges, and technology centers.

As soon as I hear news on TBR's decision I promise to pass it along to you!



Johann said...

Well, what with Halliburton, KBR, no-bid contracts, and others of their ilk needing billions.. I mean, it's not like we can spare much money for something as silly as education, right?

Besides.. it's a well known fact that people who are more educated tend to be more progressive / liberal..

GOP mantra: Keep em' stupid and distract em' with God, Guns, and Gays.

Jase said...

What the fuck does Halliburton got to do with Tennessee education?????
Clarify something real quick on a "no bid contract."
If the Unites States corps of Engineers needs two new hydropower generators for a new dam they are building what do you think they do?
Do they go through a HUGE bidding process?
Hell no!
They call General Electric and tell them to send em two of the damn things.
Why will the Corps do this? Because G.E. is the ONLY company known to mankind that builds the damn things!
If the United States defense department needs a company with the skill, logistics, materials, manpower,ect to go in and rebuild infrastructure of a nation............... who they gonna call?
Halliburton !
Because they the only company known to humankind who can do such a thing.
So take the "no bid contract" crap and stick it somewhere to make you feel more comfortable :)
Government is full of no bid contracts............................... because some shit can only be done by one entity!
Get over it!

Next off............... federal government and state schools should not be going hand in hand anyways. It is states responsibility to fund schools! Not the feds.

"Besides.. it's a well known fact that people who are more educated tend to be more progressive / liberal..

GOP mantra: Keep em' stupid and distract em' with God, Guns, and Gays."

Its the liberal mantra to indoctrinate young folks with liberal socialistic hogwash in "public schools".
If you think public schools "educate" folks ................... compare them to private schools. The public schools are to busy making sure everyone feels "comfortable" , aint "offended" to ever teach kids how to succeed in this tough as world.
Its also a fact that those who tend to be more progressive/liberal live in a fantasy land.
Without God there is no moral or ethical fabric. Without guns there is no security.
And I aint got a clue what gays have to do with anything.

State dept of education will have to tighten up its belt of ridiculous spending just like everyone else has to do!
When my budget gets tight............ I make it work!
When they budget gets tight they just tax you some damn more.
Education is expensive, gasoline is expensive, milk is expensive.
If you want it , you have to pay for it!