Saturday, May 10, 2008

Do you smell the pork? TN Students looking at double digit tuition increases

You always know it is May in Tennessee when your allergies are screaming, the sun beats down on you, the weather hovers in the 70s and 80s, and the Legislature cuts more money from higher education forcing them to give us another double digit tuition increase. With Bredesen passing on 55 million in budget cuts to higher education both state college systems(UT and TBR) are grasping at straws to prevent students from experiencing what could be a 15 percent rate increase, and to keep it below double digits.

While college students scramble to find additional funding for their education leave it to Memphis Democrat Karen Camper to ask for 500,000 dollars for the Pink Palace Museum in Midtown Memphis. Now I am all for giving money in good fiscal years to pet projects like this, but this is not the year. Other legislators asked for $97,000 for the Chattanooga Zoo, and a $50,000 for a security fence. Where is the impassioned plea from our elected officials to cut the pork and give college students a break? Every year we are shouldered with an increasing tuition bill that is shouldering us with so much debt that we will be paying for college long after we're dead if the trend continues.

So my message to the TN Legislature is cut the pork, and fully fund education, or you may just find yourself sitting with President Bush in Crawford after the 08 election.


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Jase said...

I don't think the government should be giving tax dollars to any "pet projects".
Last year they had a surplus and goofy Bredeson allowed all the Congressional folks 100,000$ each to take back to their districts to spend on "projects".
I aint getting into what the money was spent on. Fact is the money should have been saved, placed in rainy day fund for a year just like this.
The state income taxers will be back at it again. These loony liberals can NEVER tax and spend enough.
All departments should get cut equally. All of them!
Higher education is no more important than the custodial department at the state mental institution. So they should all be cut equally to balance the budget.

If the ridiculous amounts of waste was cut just a little bit we would NEVER have a shortfall.
Democrats......... tax and spend.
Republicans........ borrow and spend. Cant tell them apart any more.
Only difference really is that the Dems believe all answers to mankind's problems lie within government. Republicans believe that the answers lie within the people to make their own decisions.

Bredesen should take that 300 million that is being spent on his underground "entertainment facility" at the govoners mansion and put that into the budget!
He can entertain on the back porch just as easily as I can.
Mans been so worried about Pre-K that he cant get anything else done. Which is nothing but government paid day care! What did you do in kindergarten?
Hmmmmmmmm, watched TV, played on playground, and took a nappy!
I guess pre-K means that there are two nappies instead of one.