Sunday, May 11, 2008

Wishin and Hopin for Public Trans

Tennessee is one of the few states that does not currently have a single toll road. You can drive on any road in the state without paying, but that may be changing if the bridge connecting Davidson and Sumner County is built. Once built, it could take traffic off of I-40, and allow for quicker commute times for those that live in the two counties. With the Nashville Metro area expanding quickly we do need ways to reduce congestion, but is this the way, I don't think so.

Our elected officials too often try to stick us with additional fees and charges quietly and under the table. Although they are holding public meetings it will be interesting to see if they actually listen to the will of the people that the Toll Bridge will impact , or if just like 840, they will follow their own hearts desire and ignore their constituents.

Tennessee and Nashville would be better served by a comprehensive Mass Transit system, as well as a regional transit system that would take people off the road, and put money back into the hands of the people. As a city, and as a region, we have become too dependent on oil, and we must invest in future transportation projects that will actually reduce that dependence, not make it easier to exploit it.

Sumner and Davidson County residents would be better served by an extension of the Music City Star, than it would be by the toll road. As we grow as a city we must look beyond expansion of roads, and begin to lay the infrastructure for rapid transit throughout the region.



Jase said...

Folks need to get over the fact that there will not EVER be a mass transit system in the state of TN that will be utilized or work.
Not going to happen.
Its the simple dynamics of our geography that is the problem. If you haven't noticed folks don't live in "town". This isn't an urban Mecca by any definition.
The huge amount of money put into building a rail system to just serve one suburban county would NEVER pay off. What this area needs is plain ole CONTROLLED GROWTH.
That music city star is a joke, no one rides it. It ties up more traffic on the roadways while it crosses the tracks than is saved in "down time " by its riders.
People just cant be nailed to a damn train. You get off work, you have to pick up kids, pay bills, soccer practice, dinner engagements, ect, ect, ect.
Toll roads don't do anything for anyone other than make a PROFIT for private companies that run the damn things. Roadways should be PUBLIC and that is all there is to it!
"As a city, and as a region, we have become too dependent on oil, and we must invest in future transportation projects that will actually reduce that dependence, not make it easier to exploit it."
Do those busses run off air? If they do................. I want one!
Do those trains run off water?
Much research has been done on the true impact of bus systems. They don't improve to much. First off they put off allot more particulate emissions out the pipe than 100 cars do! Ever got behind one? Damn thing will choke you. They clog road traffic BIG TIME by stopping and going. This constant intermittent "down time" to commuters adds up to be the same as if everyone on the bus was in a car. Same congestion!
The rails tie up the traffic, cause ridiculous noise......... cause major environmental impacts themselves with the track systems and use HUGE amounts of power either from diesel engines or electricity generated from burning coal.
The need to quit wasting tax dollars with these schemes. Instead, CONTROLLED GROWTH and roadways designed to flow smoothly would be the best prescription.


Mix said...

I agree. I was talking to my friends up north and they just could not understand the lack of public transporation out here, and I was amazed at how easily they can get from point a to point b without driving hours.

Zak said...

Anyone that has been up North would note how much quicker commute times are. In response to Jase, look at Portland, OR as an example of a place much like Nashville where public trans works very well.