Monday, May 12, 2008

Slash that Budget Bredesen

Guess what Bredesen and the state legislature are aiming to do now? Make a peach cobbler, legalize gay marriage, something useful? If you guessed any of those you'd be wrong but if you guessed budget cuts you'd be right on the money. All of a sudden Bredesen and his friends on the Hill have found out they don't have the money to run the state next year. So what does Bredesen suggest to do about this? Cut the workforce, gut Tenncare even more, cut education spending, extreme cuts across the board, yet he made sure to come out in full force for banning gay marriage during his reelection campaign.

With the cuts against Tenncare, higher education, and against labor, no wonder many in liberal circles regard Bredesen as a Democrat in name only. This man has no good side, and I can't imagine our state would be very different if we had a Republican in control.

Liberal Tennesseans did not receive an ally when we elected Bredeson to be Governor of Tennessee. So often do we compromise our core values to get the (D) next to a candidates' name. This is one man that I'm glad will be term limited the next election cycle. Hoping against hope that someone better will grace the state stage, and we won't be forced to pick between dumb and dumber.

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Jase said...

"Extreme cuts across the board"
Its a nearly 20 BILLION dollar budget!
In relative terms to my own personal budget that amounts to cutting out dinner at Charley's once a month for the entire year.
That's extreeeeeeeeeeeeeeme. Absolute left wing media sensationalism.
We don't have a "budget problem" we have a SPENDING problem.
In reality the states spending as increased 24% between 2001 and now. Inflation is around 3%. Its a spending problem, that's all.
Bredesen and his cronies are quick to blame the shortfall on a lack of revenue........... a politicians way of suggesting you aren't paying enough taxes. But the truth is spending created the shortfall. Stupid, wasteful, thoughtless spending.
Last year with a vibrant economy flooding the state with a surplus of revenue, the governor decided to to go hog wild with multiple earmarks. Basically they embarked on an outrageous bipartisan spending spree, rather than cutting taxes and giving the overcharged taxpayer back his/her money.
Take for instance a ferry service built two years ago linking Benton and Houston counties at a taxpayer cost of 1.2 million. On top of that another half million a year to keep it going. The ferry service has an average ridership of 21 persons a day. Fares start at 75 cents per person, but taxpayers subsidize each passenger nearly 60 bucks to take the seven minute trip !!!!!!!!!!!
The state owns dozens of golf courses, ten of them failed to break even last year. To keep the greens open, lawmakers force taxpayers to pay for a golf course welfare program that costs nearly 2 million annually.
Nashville Film Festival received 30,000$ last year to help support films such as "Goodnight Vagina" and an animated film called "The Teat Beat of Sex".

$280,000 in tax dollars for the new green "Watershed" signs that have popped up all over Tennessee's highways. LMAO
Who cars what "watershed" I'm in.
Most folks don't know where there own damn drinking water comes from, must less the byways of the water systems within the valley.
Dimmer switches at the Governors mansion for 15,000$. Must be some hellacious dimmer switches!
A half million dropped on a "study" to put together a statewide "fishing trail".

And the kicker for last years budget. 6.5 MILLION paid to "eradicate" the boll weevile beetle.
Yep, that's right the boll weevil beetle. Funny thing is that beetle has been gone from Tennessee's cotton crops for for over a decade!

So add these things up and many, many, many more ................. and there is your shortfall replaced and LOTS more!
Until then.................. all I can tell em, is thought luck! Close the schools, let the prisoners out, let the boll weevils run wilder than hell! Until the folks can learn to manage money.................. tooooooo bad!