Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memphis politics are sooo sleazy

I know many of you might not be familiar with the political machine of Mayor Herenton, and the general level of sleaze in that city, but his machine stinks of corruption and idiocy. The latest issue is that Mayor Herenton wants to be Superintendent of Memphis City Schools and be mayor as well.

Now if you the school system, you shouldn't be in the office that hands out the money to the school system, and vice versa. To me this makes sense. We don't let the kids in the cookie jar for a reason. They'll eat it all up.

Mayor Herenton is the 5 term mayor of Memphis City(the city and county are split there unlike in Nashville-Davidson), and from my observations he controls that town with an iron fist. He is a democrat, but I'm always quick to point out sleaze when I see it, and I see it here.

Memphis schools should soundly reject Mayor Herenton as their superintendent unless he is willing to give up his position as mayor.



Anonymous said...

Interesting developmet in NY, Gov Patterson wants the state to recognize same sex marriages from other states and Canada.

Zak said...

I had actually heard abt that and couldn't decide if I wanted to post something about it but yay you did no need and i don't have to deviate from Tennessee politics haha.