Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Memphis Suburb Turns a light shade of blue

Mississippi 1 has turned blue tonight after decades of Republican rule in that district. This special election is another example of the Democrats growing viability in rural/red state America. Democrat Travis Childers bests Republican Greg Davis in this extremely red district. Here's to a slaughter in November!

Although not all precints have reported, our friends over at Swing State Report(see my favorite blog listing to check them out) have posted the following result...

Travis Childers (D)50,40152%
Greg Davis(R)46,16048%

This district is basically a suburb of Memphis, but an extremely red suburb. This is a victory for Tennessee and a victory for Mississippi!

Go dems!



Travis Childers (D)57,27654%
Greg Davis(R)49,31446%
All Precincts Reporting Childers won an 8 percent victory!

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