Monday, May 12, 2008

Verily Verily I say unto you...get out of my f*ckin church!

Ahh there is something refreshing about seeing mega-churches, especially Two Rivers Baptist Church in Nashville, in turmoil. If you watch Nashville news you couldn't help but hear about Pastor Sutton, the guy that uses his church as a bully arena for conservative politics, and his fight with some of his church members over financial records. Well we have new information direct from The Tennessean. It seems yesterday Pastor Sutton took the very Christian step of voting out 70 members of the church that had filed the lawsuit asking for the financial records.

This reminds one of the Catholic Church during the dark ages that would excommunicate anyone that did not agree with exactly what they said. This church has lobbied against Metro's anti-discrimination ordinance for gays and lesbians. They have hosted extreme right wing candidates, and they are all together a political organization masquerading as a church.

Whether or not Sutton spent money in an inappropriate manner doesn't really matter. The issue is that whenever you are at the helm of any power you should be completely transparent about where money goes, and it always seems fishy if you rid your organization of those that ask for transparency.

This is yet another example of the Christian Right and its utter hypocrisy.

Thanks Pastor Sutton!


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Jase said...

I don't see anything hypocritical about it. The Church is not a public institution.
Those members should have known many a years ago that Two Rivers Baptist church does not release its financial statements on demand.
Its in the bylaws of the way that particular church operates.
There are many businesses the REFUSE under any circumstances short of court order to release financial records.
To me, I feel that the Pastor felt that the folks who filed the suit were being vindictive and their intentions were not good. Vindictive folks within the Church can only cause hostilities and should be removed.
After all, if your a member and you think that your church is being a cheat.......... why the hell would you stay? Only reason one would stay is to cause problems!
Its a private matter within the church, the members know before hand that the financial records of the church are not "transparent" before they become members.
Don't like it.......... go to another church!
The media needs to find something real to report other than a private matter in a non public institution that effect NO ONE other than that institution!